Potato Khan is a fictional character who appears in the third and fourth seasons of Celebrity Deathmatch. He is a super freaks, having been genetically manufactured by wrestler "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.
Potato Khan


Like all super freaks, Potato Khan was created in the Deathmatch science lab by Stone Cold, using the remains of former combatants, most frequently ones who have lost their corresponding matches. In the case of Khan, it is speculated that he contains DNA samples from Genghis Khan and Joe Pesci. However, before taking physical form, Stone Cold accidentally dropped a french fry into the genetic formula, which explains why he resembles a mutated potato.

As a combatantEdit

As a combatant, Khan appears twice on the show during the third season. He made his debut against fellow super freak Beni Trauma, in the follow-up Clash of the Super Freaks that was refereed by Mills Lane. Throughout the fight, Khan loses various parts of his body to Trauma, who proceeds to serve them to a young boy celebrating his birthday. However, after being exposed to illegal hot sauce, Khan's body mutated further and his missing limbs were replaced with giant tentacles. Using them to his advantage, Khan decapitated Trauma by strangling him.

Khan's second and final appearance in a deathmatch was against the winner of the first Clash of the Super Freaks bout, Cousin Grimm. Since his first appearance, Khan had removed the majority of his tentacles, leaving only two, and his limbs had grown back. Although having a good start, Khan was eventually flung in the air and sliced into chips via Grimm holding a metal grating beneath him upon plummeting to the ground. Thanks to his genetic make-up, Khan was not rendered entirely dead, as the chips began taking their own life forms and attacked Grimm. While the majority were stomped on, Grimm devoured the remaining Khans, allowing them access to his brain, which lead to their overall victory during the fight.

Other AppearancesEdit

Khan also appears in the fourth season of Celebrity Deathmatch as a cameo appearance. Moments before the fight between Blink 182 and 98 Degrees, hosts Johnny Gomez and Nick Diamond enter the basement with Stone Cold to look for something to enhance their fight. Khan appears chained to the wall, where Stone Cold tasers him into silence when he demands to be released.


  • Khan mentioned he has 60 eyes